The Pull of the Past

Nancy Drew cracks another case.

I asked: What books influenced you when you were growing up?

You replied:

Nancy Drew mysteries. “I wanted to be a detective. Now I’m an art historian and art appraiser—an art detective!”

Under the Lilacs. “I wanted a standard poodle for 25 years after reading that book, and finally I got one!”

Also: Black StallionIsland StallionMy Book HouseLittle House on the Prairie, and the Oz books.

Plus: Anything by Lucy Maud Montgomery or Louisa May Alcott (besides Under the Lilacs).

Finally: Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, and a series about an “entwined set of families on military bases (can’t remember the author, but one of the characters was named Tippy).”

The responses would have differed if I’d heard from more guys—Treasure Island, anyone? The Hardy Boys? Encyclopedia Brown? Or if I’d heard from younger readers—Harry Potter, Harry Potter, and Harry Potter.

The books we loved as kids, we never forget. Excuse me. I think I have to go jump on the running board of the roadster now.

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  1. Randy Ross says:

    Great art!
    I’m a Dr. Seuss and Where the Wild Things Are kind of guy. After that, I read a couple of sports books and then became a TV addict. (to this day, I can’t have a TV in the house.)

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