And That’s a Wrap…

Thanks to those who came to book tour events in southern New England over the past two weeks to learn more about In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti.

As it turns out, I learned a lot, too, and not everything was about Sacco and Vanzetti.

I discovered, for example, that the neighborhood in Providence where I spent my youth has a new name. It’s now called Mount Hope, and Hope Street runs through it.

Hart Street, where I used to live, runs perpendicular to Hope Street.

I once mentioned to someone that I had grown up near the intersection of Hart and Hope.

She thought I said the intersection of “heart and hope.”

Which, when you think about it, is a pretty good place to grow up.

Last stop on the tour: the First Congregational Church of Falmouth, where the book talk and signing was sponsored by the Falmouth Historical Society. The bell in the church steeple was made by Paul Revere.

First stop on the tour: Books on the Square, on Angell Street in Providence.

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  1. Randy says:

    Presentation was great! Lots of twists and turns in the story and good questions from the audience.

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